Australian National University, ACT



Asset Management and Life Cycle Modelling

SW19 Pty Ltd were engaged by Ventia to undertake detailed technical due diligence inspections across a number of residential buildings on the campus. The intention of the inspections was to highlight all costs which would be incurred in the operation of the sites over the next 35 years. 

The key to the successful delivery of the project was the formation and management of the consultant team, as time on site was very limited (as the site was fully occupied at the time of the inspection).  As such, the inspection protocols had to be developed prior to attending site, and the consultants managed the project to ensure that all required data was collected.   

Prior to commencing on site, SW19 were required to analyse maintenance records, defects registers and project files to identify historical issues with the sites, along with assessing potential capex works. This was combined with interviews of staff on site, and analysis of existing Capex plans generated for the sites. 

A recently constructed 8 storey residence utilised new technology construction in that the student residence was constructed entirely from shipping containers. A new lifecycle model was created based upon the construction type this construction type.