Building Condition Surveys

Case Studies


Department of Communities

Completion: 2022
Residential Accommodation Portfolio of 1000 properties 10 Year Capex Plan Development of Maintenance Plans Immediate Defect Rectification Minor Project Formulation Creation of Asset Register Statutory...

WA Schools

Completion: 2022, 2017-18
Lifecycle Models and Drone Inspections 147 Schools state-wide Pilot Study Perth Schools (2022) Kimberley, Bunbury and Perth schools Over 1800 building structures Drone inspection of...

Gooda Binya Remote Community

Completion: 2022
Assessment of Flood Damage Assessment of Earthquake Damage 10 Year Capex Plan Development of Maintenance Plans Hazmat Inspection Security Assessment   Drone Surveys The project...

Understanding building condition and lifecycle costs is fundamental for all property owners; clarity in this enables owners to efficiently maintain building condition and plan future maintenance, which in turn enables functionality and maximises the asset value.

SW19 Building Condition Surveys give an overview of the property at a moment in time, identifying current issues.

People with an interest in the condition of a property may range from an individual with a single property to owners/investors of property portfolios or occupiers with an interest in maintaining the property in accordance with their lease. SW19 have completed building inspections on properties ranging from residential to ablution blocks, heritage properties to state-of-the-art aquatic centres.

Our report outputs provide analysis of the site, risk assessment and an in depth inspection report. Building Condition Surveys are used to identify a number of key issues including:

Defect Identification

Specific defect identification including cracking, damp, mould, rot, corrosion, dejection, subsidence, defects that can reduce buildings life and increase operational cost.

Maintenance Assessments

An assessment of the current effectiveness of the maintenance regimes employed at the property.