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City of Canning



SW19 Pty Ltd, working in partnership with DTZ (now MMJ Real Estate) were engaged by the City of Canning to undertake condition surveys on the City’s building portfolio of 178 buildings, with a view to providing a 20 year capital expenditure plan. A full valuation was also to be provided.

The scope of works required SW19 to use an electronic data collection system to ensure real time reporting to the client. Although SW19 had a proprietary system, this needed to be modified to meet the clients’ specific output requirements.

The sites inspected included converted residential properties, child health centres, libraries, leisure centres and the main City of Canning Council administration building. All buildings were unique, with construction dates ranging from the late 1800’s through to 2010. As such, assessments were made as to the levels of compliance with current standards.

The scope of the inspections was to provide a 20 year capital maintenance plan for the properties and provide indicative remaining life spans for the properties.   The surveys identified backlog works (defects), capital expenditure and capital maintenance. All works were priced and prioritised using the clients rating systems.