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SW19 Pty Ltd were engaged by an Eastern States Building Consultancy to undertake a full technical due diligence inspection on a shopping centre on behalf of the potential new owners. The intention of the project was to highlight any major issues with the existing site and assets, and provide lifecycle costs over a 10 year period.

The key to the project was the composition of the project team, with SW19 required to engage and manage the consultants in order to provide the client with the required outcome. Our selection of project team members was based upon our previous experience working with specific consultants and confidence in their ability to deliver the required outcomes.

The inspection identified a number of significant issues with the site, such as a main chiller constantly in fault mode, an issue with the incoming power transformer as a result of a fire, and damage to an escalator as a result of an explosion.

The reporting format provided to the client was simple in nature, identifying cost and cost type on an annual basis, combined with a risk assessment linked to the works. All cost elements were identified individually, but also combined into ‘project packages’ to give the client a realistic overview of the site.