Heritage Properties

Heritage Properties



SW19 Pty Ltd have been engaged by clients to specifically assess their Heritage properties in relation to identification and rectification of defects, and generation of Life Cycle models. On the back of extensive experience of heritage properties overseas, SW19 have been inspected sites ranging from small, individual ‘Settlers’ buildings, to landmark structures from the 1800’s.

The initial site investigations for the Heritage properties identify the construction methodology, and potential inherent defects. Modifications to the original structure and grounds are highlighted, and potential impact on the structure assessed, such as extensions, material change of use and modification to ground levels or drainage.

Common defects identified include rising damp, mainly due to a lack of damp proof membrane and the materials used in construction. Detailed assessments were undertaken as to the rectification works, with a number of repair options covered, along with the ongoing monitoring of the building element.  

SW19 utilised their electronic data collection system to ensure real time reporting to the client. In addition, SW19 were able to modify the ‘delay to works multiplier’ which gives the client an indication of the cost escalation / additional deterioration as a result of not completing works on the recommended dates, which is of particular concern on heritage properties.