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Perth Arena



SW19 Pty Ltd were engaged by VenuesWest to complete a due diligence inspection on Perth Arena. The intention of the project was to highlight any deficiencies with the building prior to sign off of the defects liability period.

The key to the project was the composition of the project team, with SW19 engaging and managing the consultants in order to provide the client with the required outcome. Our selection of project team members was based upon our previous experience working with specific consultants and confidence in their ability to deliver the required outcomes.

SW19 provided the consultants with a tailored reporting format to ensure that the information was being collated in a consistent manner, whether this was provided by the BCA Consultant or Structural Engineer. This also highlighted any potential gaps in the information collected, for example, means of escape signage (Electrical / BCA / Fire).

In addition to the standard identification of defects, capital expenditure items and maintenance, SW19 were required to provide a detailed breakdown of who was responsible for the issue identified. The reporting format was modified specifically so that the information could be interrogated in this way to identify responsibility.

Due to the complexity of the building, SW19 also provided VenuesWest with potential options for remedial works, generally based around the timeline and potential costs involved. Included in this was the identification of potential ongoing issues / a fit for purpose assessment, covering items such as the use of carpet in areas used heavily by catering trolleys.