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Remote / Regional Properties



SW19 Pty Ltd have been engaged by clients to produce asset management plans and life cycling modelling on their remote property portfolios. The property portfolios range from 20+ properties up to 1200 properties, located in regional centres to remote areas requiring specialist access arrangements.

The number of projects delivered in regional and remote areas has brought with it significant experience of the issues affecting the remote areas. These issues include costs associated with project delivery in remote areas, timelines, climatic factors, access restrictions and inherent defects.

The buildings inspected in these areas range from regional hospital complexes, to multi-occupancy office facilities and individual residential properties. SW19 are able to provide clients with realistic inspection schedules and pricing based upon previous experience of travel times, costs, methodology and routes, whilst meeting OH&S requirements.

SW19 have previously utilised their electronic data collection system to ensure real time reporting to the client. In addition, SW19 are able to modify the ‘delay to works multiplier’ which gives the client an indication of the cost escalation / additional deterioration as a result of works being incomplete on recommended dates. This is of particular concern as standard maintenance regimes are seldom put in place in regional areas.