Royal Perth Hospital



50 Year Life Cycle Modelling and Maintenance Plan

SW19 Pty Ltd were engaged by East Metropolitan Health Service to undertake a 50 year lifecycle model inspection on Royal Perth Hospital (A, ,D Q, and R Blocks). The intention of the inspection was to provide a full lifecycle replacement program for all assets and identify current defects with the properties. The client was also provided with a detailed risk register based upon the age of asset and likelihood and criticality of failure.  

Services provided include assessment of the remaining life of the building and assets within in order to provide a business case for the retention of replacement of the building. This included identifying assets which were beyond their expected life and assessing the potential remaining life of items such as pump sets, package air conditioning units and the backup generator. A detailed assessment of the original asbestos roof covering was provided, along with estimated costs and project planning for its replacement.

The scope of works included client (facility management and maintenance staff) interviews to ascertain the serviceability of the plant and equipment, including the air handling units, steam generators, fire systems and cooling towers.  Once the data had been collected on site and entered into the SW19 reporting systems, we were able to provide a detailed analysis of the replacement program, highlighting assets which were beyond their expected lifespan with a high likelihood of failure.  As part of the analysis, the assets were allocated a risk rating based upon the impact of failure. 

The scope of the inspections was to provide a 50 year capital maintenance plans and indicative remaining life spans for the properties. Works were also grouped into discreet projects, such as ward refurbishments, and major non-compliances noted.